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October 2009


Me at 230


Ellen's Stilettos

Welcome To October!

It is Friday October 16th 2009 welcome you all back.  I really have been relaxed in keeping up with the blog so here is an entry. Ellen called me up today and told me to stop in at Crompton's Menswear (http://www.cromptonsapparel.com) and check out this leather jacket.  It is an XL but not a 2X or above.  I really needed a jacket as nothing fits anymore.  Here is what everyone is waiting for.... 230 at this point!  More importantly Ellen was out shopping and met me there dressed to the 9s  She had on a pair of skinny jeans, a tight red sweater, and 4 inch stilettos!  she looked SOooooooo Hotttttt! I will try to have her put on the outfit for some pics!

In that vain we have both discovered Under Armor (http://www.underarmour.com/) and it really makes a difference!  no more flab anywhere!  After any surgery like this you have a lot of extra skin and Under Armor really makes it go away!

Well I am still loosing as we near the one year mark, but it is getting to be a lot slower.  I really can't afford to go back to the doctor, because the lab tests are too expensive, but I feel good and no health issues.  My face is filling is again as is my hair.  Doctor Nicks wild ride has been going well I guess.



Fedora Boy





Cat In A Hat



Its Saturday October 18th and we are at home.  I was fooling around with Kalib's fedora and snapped a few pictures.  I like to call them Fedora Boy and Cat In A Hat.  Now if you are wondering who Kalib is, He is the brother of Zach's new girlfriend Traci.  Traci is a really sweet girl, that Zach has given his heart to.  We love her very much and think she is the greatest. (With the exception of her love for the color green.  I guess it is ok, My mother loved it as much as Traci does, so if Zach's grandmother was in love with it I guess I can be ok with that!)  So we went apple picking with them, and had fun doing that then we all came home and baked Pies Pies Pies!

Anyway We have grown quite fond of Traci, and have as much as warned Zach that in the unlikely event of a divorce, that we get custody of Traci Ellen like her a whole lot, they go shopping together, gat their hair done at the same place, and have an all around great time.  Kalib, has a really dry sense of humor and we all know how mine is so we fit together pretty well.  All in all we at really happy they came into our life, All three of them, Kalib, Traci and of course the Fedora.

Kalib (And The Fedora)


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