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May 2009


5-2-09 Here we are at a BBQ thrown by really great friends The Wormleys!  Ever have one of those friends that you know you will have your whole life no matter what?  that would be them.  Don works for MSNBC, and I am sure PJ is running some large corporation. The three of us used to work at Bellcore together.  He is Zachary's Godfather.  I do not have a pic of him handy, but here is his wife PJ.  She is really pretty as you can see.

Anyway here I am driving there in our 1996 Ford Bronco (Named Bob for it's former owner)



I am still feeling big  I don't like plateaus.

Cinco de Montho

It is Wednesday may 6th 2009.  Ellen is officially out of work with the department closing on April 30th.  I am still at 271 and holding up from 265.  I obviously have to work on something as I have been holding at this weight for a while (2 Weeks) and Ellen has been doing the same.  We really need to get back to basics and get back on the plan.  One of the things that has been killing me is the new mandatory lunch program here at work.  It really is not food slated to gastric bypass folks with very carby, fatty, salty meals.  You get a LOT of negative pressure if you do not join in the program.  At this point I am not sure quite what to do with that situation.

Anyway I will get some May pictures soon.  I will try to have somebody take them today or tomorrow.  Perhaps at school where I am teaching. 


Hey Teach!

This picture was taken Thursday May 7th 2009 while I was teaching my Intro To Web Design class at the Monroe County Vo-Tech.  If you look at the Gastric Bypass main page you can get some idea of my progress in 6 months.  I am getting downright skinny in the comparison photograph between November and now.  Well I promised you a picture and this is it.  Perhaps I can get some more in the near future.  Monday is my birthday and this is the first one in a long time that I was not so fat.  According to my BMI chart I am still obese.  I can't wait to just be overweight. This week I am afraid I am eating too much.  I try to stay away from anything but what I put on my plate when I fix it.  Today I found myself going back for more food.  I need to put that in check.  I actually don't like the fact that I can eat more.  I was kind of happy with the idea of when I was full before, and I don't want to stretch my pouch out.  I will try to work on that.


5-11-09 Here is Ellen hanging out for my birthday not a huge deal, but nice to be having another one none the less.
5-15-09 Here is my Niece Leslie ready for the Prom.  So she goes with this guy named George (Nice name) and it is his prom.  So she goes with him, and ends up dropping George at the prom and then dancing the night away with friends. 

The Month Of May

May's blog is looking shorter than normal and that is because there is not much to say in the way of Gastric Bypass.  It is now going on 4 weeks and I am still 265 (Ish) and that goes between that and 271. So here I am kinda stuck.  It has a lot to do with my eating habits.  The solid proteins I should be eating are getting stuck, and I often have to throw up to dislodge them.  I am told this is because I do not chew enough.  At lunch this is because we are only allowed 30 minutes to eat, which I think promotes fairly poor eating   In addition, we have a mandatory lunch program and a company chef at a subsidized price.  All that is real cool but it is CARB CITY. So... I am kinda between a rock and a hard place.  As a bonus, Ellen is no longer with FFIC and so at the moment we have no health insurance with lots of lab tests and a checkup due. My company will ONLY cover the employee and not his / her family, so that is really not an option. We have put it off for the time being, but I always feel funny without health insurance.  It is fine for now, but time will tell.

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