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February 2009


(I recon I Sprechen....)

Punxsutawney Phil and Punxsutawney Joe my two favorite weathermen


Or in case you don't sprechen sie groundhog, it is Monday February 2nd 2009 and I weighed in at 315 this morning.  That makes the equation 403-315=88 pounds off so far.  I am about 16 pounds from my next milestone which is getting under three hundred.  The next one after that is to slim down to a 17.5 inch neck.  Then I will be the same size I was in High School.  Still too fat but getting slimmer.  I had a GREAT weekend.  I spent some time with some good friends, Did some homework, Aced my mid term report for school, went on a field trip to the Guggenheim Museum, and walked walked and walked.  I could not have done it three months ago but I sure can now, and all of it drug free! (Nsaids)

So according to Punxsutawney Phil we have 6 more weeks of winter.  And according to Joe Snedeker of WNEP TV asking a groundhog to predict your weather is the stupidest thing on earth to do, but He might be protecting his job from a rodent that just might work for less money than he does.  Joe says we have a warm up in our future and not to listen to the Groundhog.  Joe has always come through for me before, (Weather wise) and the Groundhog not so much, so I am going with Joe on this one.  I might say though it is one of my favorite movies.

I went to see my Mother this weekend.  I could not see her grave because of all the snow.  20 years too late I am a full time student in college, a teacher, Vice President of a real company, and loosing lots of weight to boot.  It is all the things she begged me to do when I was alive.  At the time these goals seemed so out of reach, but now they are obtainable.  I wanted so much to find her and show her, but it was not to be on this visit.  Sorry Mom, perhaps next time.  I don't feel she is there anyway,  That is just where we put her earthly remains and I do not feel personally attached to them. The whole time I knew her she was not exactly thrilled with her body either, so I don't think she was all that attached to it herself.  I am going to try to make a pilgrimage there around Mothers Day and go find the grave once and for always.

I have to admit I am a meat and potatoes man.  It all seems a bit stupid to me to go see a work that appears as if some idiot scribbled something on the wall and now it is art and potentially worth millions, but this trip made a difference in me by the fourth floor.  I was watching a film by Alan Kaprow where he was discussing a project named “Trading Dirt”.   In Trading Dirt, Mr. Kaprow started with a bucket of dirt from his own garden and he would exchange it for someone else’s dirt.  An even exchange made he would journal the conversations and experiences he had while he was doing this.  In his process he relates the following anecdote:

                ““I thought you were a professor,” she challenged. “I am,” he answered. “I even have classes in this sort of thing.” The woman was incredulous. “They pay you for this? That’s stupid.” “I’ve heard that one before,” Kaprow said, “but what’s smart?” She gestured toward her three-year-old grandson, playing behind the counter, and said, “I suppose I should say ’Making a living and all,’ but look at him. He’s doing what he wants. It’s a pity he can’t do it for the rest of his life.”  “Sure he can,” said Kaprow. “You can send him to UCSD.””

I found a web site with this interview on it http://www.moca.org/kaprow/index.php/79/.  I would encourage all who read this to watch it, and see if you can come to the same understanding I did concerning art.  The key to this for me was the statement of: What is smart? And to some degree nobody knows the answer to that.  Also if you think about it, that is the key to art as well.  What is art?  And everyone needs to answer that in their own mind, but that mind needs to be open and receptive like a palate cleanser is used between courses at a fine meal. Open your mind and your heart to these works, for fragile people put them out there just to try to make your life a bit richer than it is now.  All you have to do is look and think about how it relates to you.

That's all See you tomorrow.


Phlebotomist or

 "Friendly Vampire"


Bathroom with no room for dancing


There's Blood Everywhere...

It is Tuesday February third 2008.  I need to go get some lab tests done for my three month.  They need to be fasting and just seem to be having problems getting around to doing it.  At first it was the expense, then it was because I found out it was fasting and I already had a cup of tea, then I left the script on the front seat of a truck I had to loan to a coworker in an emergency.  Tomorrow is it I guess.  I will go in the morning and get it done.  I really don't need a blood test to show the results, I can tell everyone now.  Not enough protein, not enough calcium, not enough vitamins, not enough gallbladder meds, not enough food. (Surprise to everyone here, I am still not eating much, and still loosing weight rapidly compared to where I should be at this stage.)  But at this point I feel good, I usually gauge my health with how I feel. so my mind says if I feel fine I must be fine.  I guess Doctor Nick needs more than that, so I will go to see the Phlebotomist.  That is a Latin word that means friendly vampire.

How do you feel about TMI?  If you have a problem with it, please skip to the next entry.  It is time to talk about Bathroom issues.  I know people who go many times a day to sit and empty themselves, and that is fine.  I was a once every other day person, or once every three days at the most.  It is ok, we all do this and it is a natural body function.  Let's just try to keep it clinical here.  Now I eat much less and have all of this storage space down below and now I am getting to the point that I am a once a week kind of guy instead of the once every two or three days.  The once a day or many time a day folks are moving to the once every other day or once every three days schedule and I want all of you WLS folks to understand that that is normal.  Nothing is wrong, and it is fine.  The color is another matter.  Mine is now a tope or  putty color and that is not so fine.  It tells me as my gallbladder is overworking.  The gallbladder pills they give me are pretty rough so I conveniently forget to take them.  With that I am at risk of needing my gallbladder removed, and I won't like that, so I am playing the odds.  I most likely will loose that battle because some people I know can play the odds, and win.  Me I play them and loose every time.

Remember the milestones I have spoken about again and again?  Bathroom activities are some of them.  If you have been significantly overweight, you will understand this.  If you are male and can pee sitting down, you have reached a milestone.  I am getting there.  So close.  I would guess another 20 pounds and I will be in the zone.  Also if when done with the other type of bathroom activity and you can clean yourself up without standing up, you have reached yet another milestone.  Now I realize you are celebrating this action by yourself here, and only you would know how hard it is for me to write this and confess to having these issues, but the first time I could do this I tell you, I wanted to dance, but the bathroom is too small to do that.


280 The Boulevard of

Broken Dreams

Promises Kept and broken...


Promises kept, and broken....

Well the deed is done.  I went this morning and had my lab tests done and I hope they come our ok, but I can bet that they will not.  Time will tell I guess and now We are another grand in the hole.  I hate deductibles.  If you pay for insurance for medical, than they should just cover what you need.  Too many people in this world get away without paying their fair share.  That now screws the rest of us.  I know a lot of people who milk the system.  I am beginning to really dislike them.

Last night we had a meeting in my Lodge in NJ.  It was all about a merger and weather to approve it or not.  Many people showed up who have not been there in years (Me included) and the merger was turned down.  Now before the whole thing gets blown out of proportion (and I am sure it will) it had nothing to do with brotherly love or any of that, but it was all about conditions and broken promises.  The other lodge wanted certain conditions met and the committee made certain promises that were not met.  The DDGM told us it was an all or nothing vote and under those guidelines, I don't see how anyone observing good Masonic conduct could approve it.  The committee did not do its proper job of negotiating this merger, they did not present it in a timely fashion, and they did not see the audit deadlines were met by the date promised. Done.  Send the parties back and try again.  There was not one guy in that place who did not want that merger to happen, they just wanted the promises to be kept and the conditions not to be there.  If two parties merge, they do so from a level playing field.  We meet on the level, we should start and end that way. No limits and no conditions.  One more thing.  So people said that this sounded the death knell for the lodge.  Only if you want it to be.  Go get some new members, go raise some money, go do something in the community so that the people around you want to become members.  You can make this grow if you want it to I have done it before and I can help.  If not, well.....

Tonight we have another meeting to attend.  One where not much can be done until it's own merger situation can be worked out. and who knows exactly when that will be.  Time will tell.

Until next time....



Barry Barry OMG!!!

Well today is out trip to Ultimate Manilow the concert.  I like Barry, especially his classic stuff.  I wish he was not the butt of so many jokes.  I think that people secretly listen to him and enjoy his work.  What is not to love about music you can understand and relate to. Anyway the big issue is weather I will fit in the seat.  At 315 I hope I do, and on one side of me a perfect stranger who will dread sitting next to a fat guy who spills over into her space. Oh my God the embarrassment that will cause.  I am breaking out in hives just thinking about it.  On the other side will be my adoring wife Ellen who will enjoy the concert very much.  I wish we were going with someone else we knew for the other seat.  How long are concerts?  I want to be able to sit through this. and sitting for long periods without getting up hurts. 

Anyway off that to something else.  It will most likely be fine anyway and as usual I am worrying for nothing.  Merger fever abounds.  Our OES chapter is in full involvement with merging with another chapter, putting a close to an almost 80 year chapter in it's history.  Sadly a rather unremarkable history at that.  Surviving was its largest asset.  The lodge merger plot thickens with the merging lodge getting so pissy about the Tuesday night vote that they came in and removed their furniture from the lodge, leaving the room empty.  They moved all of our furniture out to put theirs in and then moved their furniture out without putting anything back.  Incredibly childish and un-Masonic  This is how young people in their first relationship act, not grown men.  Be adults, and come back to the table, or on second thought don't bother, until you grow up.

Today was hard getting up.  Two nights out late is not working for me, and three is only going to be worse.  I should be a bitch on wheels by Friday.  I can't wait for this week to be over.  



Looks Like We Made It.....

Irony, Sweet Irony.  I made it to the concert with time to spare (About a half hour) and in my excitement I found not only did I fit in the seat, but had room to spare!  I have lost a lot of weight and it was a great fit.  Until....  A 400 pound plus woman had purchased the seat next to me.  It was not only that she spent half the concert sitting on my left thigh, (Which was ok.  I went there with shame and trepidation how could I think less of her) but she had not showered in quite a while, and she was a nasty lady who spent most of the concert telling her husband who had brought her to a Barry Manilow concert, not to speak to her because she can't hear him and whatever he had to say was going to be obnoxious anyway.  Oh yeah a good time had by all.  With luck nobody was occupying the isle seat to the left of her husband and at the halfway point she moved him down one leaving an empty seat between us.  That was much better.

Before the concert Ellen warned me that she was a screamer.  I was not sure what this exactly meant (Except the obvious) and she wanted to know the quality of me ears.  Well I understood exactly what she meant when he walked out on stage.  Well she screamed, danced, and sang.  She had very little voice when done, and we listened to Barry all the way home.  A god time had by all.

This morning I awoke to the Davis Investments scandal.  We are bailing out financial markets that are out of money.  Partly why they are out of money is that they spent company funds on high class hookers.  I am sorry, "Call girls" (Hookers don't drive Ferraris)  I guess since the financial game screws the little guy all the time, this seems strangely appropriate.  They need to haul these bastards in Jail

I have also lost a lot of weight and most of it apparently on my ass because man it hurt by the end of the concert. Those hard plastic seats were pretty tough. It was not comfy after the first half hour.  But that might have been due to the 400 + pound woman sitting half on my lap.  Anyway, She moved about halfway through the show to an empty seat giving me some breathing room.  The whole concert was nice, and I would go again to another concert of his in a minute.



The old saying goes...

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat (So don't have rump roast).  I ate a lot of salty crap this weekend, and I gained a pound and a half.  116.5 this morning out of the shower.  Well back to the protein first, and lots of water to get things moving!  I have a doctors appointment for tomorrow and it will be my three month checkup.  We will see what they have to say.

Well it's Monday 9 February 2009 and I am at work and feelin fine!  Everyone is in and on time this morning, And Brian even beet me here! (This might be a first since I started).

I got a new Crackberry!  my old phone was to pricey from month to month so we traded in our phones for new ones and a got a storm.  The email works better than the old one and I am having a time getting used to the keyboard, but it does everything I want it to do so, So I guess it is neat.  I am still working out the how to's.

It's finally getting warmer!  and I like it. (Imagine me singing "It's getting warmer and I like it, to the tune of I kissed a girl and I like it) I cant wait to get out and begin working our around the house, cleaning up the deck and getting ready for meat fest, getting the pool ready, perhaps the new deck built, the house cleaned out, and swim swim swim.  I cant wait to do water aerobics.  It has been too long since I was in the water and with my new svelte self, (svelte is a work from the Italian word svelto, that means "hot like your mamma's stove!) I should be able to exercise more easily.  I did look at some water aerobic stuff on you tube so soon I will be in the pink! (As soon as I can stand the cold pool) Until then I guess it is walking.  Walking is nice but the aches and pains are still there.  I wish we could afford a Y membership.  The money just is not there even if it is necessary for my health.  I love to swim like a fish.

I tried something new this week itchy wise.  Johnson's Baby Oil.  I sometimes call my son Zickery, and now I am his dad Slickery!  I guess the oily bird catches the worm!  Anyway it had helped the itching, but it is not gone by any means.  I am not dry any longer, just itchy.  Less itchy, but yet still itchy.


A self image


A Slacker Returns...

It has been a couple of days I know, and t some degree I guess I am still a slacker.  Its Thursday February 12th 2009 and It is really windy in the Pocono's after a high here of 68 degrees on the Penn Security bank. (Notoriously incorrect)  Last year during the summer I say that thermometer reach 225 degrees.  I am pretty sure it was not that hot.  I wonder why bank thermometers are always that incorrect.

Well the Itchy skin is still there, and the baby oil other than making me feel real slick hasn't done squat.  It has to be either stress (Which is possible) or my milk allergy manifesting itself in another way other than in the form of lactose intolerance and swelling.  I have had issues before regarding rashes, just not to this extent, but I did have a bout with hives before.  To catch you up, I went to the Doctor for my three month on Tuesday and the bad news is I am going to live.  I was correct in all the deficiencies on the lab tests except for one.  I was ok on the protein, but I was low in Vitamin D and B-12.  The rest was ok. I have lost 88 pounds since the surgery and my BP is normal.

Ever see the TV show Scrubs? Dr. Cox has this routine when he tells Dr. Dorian that once again he is wrong.  He does it by sounding like Big Ben.  Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, (Pause) Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, (Westminster chimes) That's me I am always wrong.  I have 16 years experience in my field, 20+ years experience in Management, and close to 42 years experience in humanity and I could not be right if it saved my life.  I am the modern real version to Colonel Klink.  I can't stand the constant arguments.  I am wrong with my family, I am wrong at work, I am wrong at lodge, I am just constantly wrong.  Don't get me wrong here.  I need to be corrected lest I constantly make a fool of myself. So although I am tired of arguing about everything, It is not that that needs to change it is the fact that I am always wrong.  Fred constantly tells me that I don't know what the f--k I am talking about, and I have dismissed him.  Apparently I am wrong yet again and he is right and I don't ever know what the f--k I am taking about. Ever!

Depression has set in with some financial problems, and other issues relating to the fact that I never seem to know what the f--k I am taking about.  Disappointments in life abound, nothing happens like the way I expect except the negative, and I am sinking deeper and deeper into a funk.  If a piano fell off the roof of ADT on my way to the truck and killed me I would just have expected it to happen anyway.  Depression is normal in Gastric Bypass Patients, so if you are considering the surgery, brace yourself for the possibility.  I was depressed before but I thought loosing the weight would help.  Once my hormones settle down things will be better.

I did get a email in from a girl who had the procedure last month (January 5th).  She states that her libido has gone into overdrive, and I should revise my advise on this.  Well once again say it with me "I am not a doctor, Consult WLS for Dummies, see your surgeon, not everyone has the same reaction, and once again I was wrong."

So now I will go back to work.  It is going to be a long day as I have to teach tonight. and I have a lot of messes to clean up here because of being wrong all the time. 


I love system crashes...

It is Friday the 13th, and just like the date suggests,  I just spent a hour writing the blog.  I just went to get some notes on saint valentine and romance from wikipedia and had not saved yet and just lost everything when front page crashed.. 

Anyway here is the article:

Saint Valentine (in Latin, Valentinus) is the name of several martyred saints of ancient Rome. The name "Valentine", derived from valens (worthy), was popular in late antiquity. Of the Saint Valentine whose feast is on February 14, nothing is known except his name and that he was buried at the Via Flaminia north of Rome on February 14. It is even uncertain whether the feast of that day celebrates only one saint or more saints of the same name. For this reason this liturgical commemoration was not kept in the Catholic calendar of saints for universal liturgical veneration as revised in 1969. But "Martyr Valentinus the Presbyter and those with him at Rome" remains in the list of saints proposed for veneration by all Catholics.

The pictures were saved and trust me this was a great entry but screw this I am going back to work.


Instant fat man, Just add gravy!

Presidents day...

It is Tuesday February 17th 2009 and I am down another 5 pounds.  I am now 310 (just out of the shower) and to do the math 403 - 310= 93 pounds in 106 days or about 15 weeks.  Progress is what it is all about.  We had guests this weekend from New England and a good time was had by all.

Yesterday I got an email from a Girl who had GPS about 14 month ago.  All told she took off 140 pounds, and She fell off the wagon with candy and cake.  She is spending her day beating herself and she is afraid she is getting back on the train to fatland. I felt so bad.  Who among us has not felt that way at one time or another.  Not to worry.  You have a tool, stop feeling sorry for yourself, use the tool, (Her pouch) find some alternatives to the sweets (Lots of good sugar free things out there) stop denying yourself these on an everyday basis, and get right back on the horse.  I and all my readers will be here for you to keep you on an even keel. Keep writing and we will help.

That's all, gota get to work.


The rose procedure most likely doesn't look this nice, but can help you from regaining weight.


Roses for Mama.....

It is Wednesday February 18th 2009.  I did not weigh in this morning, and with Ellen getting in so late last night from OES I am surprised I made it at all.  We NEED to stop having meetings so late.  I had three meetings I needed to attend last night.  None of them was going to be pleasant.  I picked one and went and from what I understand the other two were as unpleasant as I figured they were going to be.  1. Somebody got a hold of my father from St. Johns and rammed it down his throat that we threw another lodge out into the street.  Nothing could be farther than the truth, and whoever is talking that crap to my dad needs to have that talk with me.  They will find a sound argument to the contrary.  2. The OES meeting was a witch hunt that only reinforces to me that the chapter we are merging into has NO INTEREST in being a blended family.  They seem like they are already worrying about being lost in the process. If that is the way they feel fine.  I really don't need that crap anyway.  But I have a couple of gastric bypass things to discuss so lets move on.

I am getting a lot of mail from readers that have had the surgery and have fallen off the wagon.  plus I am getting a lot of flack from my boss that I am putting on weight.  Let's start with the person who wrote in.

Hi all. II need help. I am 11 moths out from surgery and have lost 137 pounds.  For the first 9 months I was very faithful to "the Diet." I ate what I was
supposed to even though I wanted other things except for a few occasions. At Thanksgiving I ate a few bites of things I shouldn't. Then christmas came and there where several parties and of course food so I indulged a little. But ever since Christmas I cannot get back to the low carb eating. I mean I am binge eating like I did before and I cant stop. I am sneaking food so my family doesn't know how bad it is. I have gained 9 pounds. I still need to lose about 40 more pounds to be at the top of my goal weight. I just can't get myself to go back to the right way of eating. I need help and I don't know what to do. I am so ashamed. I just love food and I hate depriving myself. I need to get back on track and get the rest of this weight off before my honeymoon is over. Any suggestions? Anyone else been there?

Well, I have not but others that I know have, and you are not alone.  keep in mind that we all have food issues or we would not be in this mess in the first place.  We all have a fat persons image and attitude, and we need to break that if we are going to remain thin.  The surgery will get you thinner.  There is no doubt about that.  Weather you stay that way is up to you.  Do you want to be thin?  Of course you do, we all want to be thin and healthy but the harder question is can you remain thin?  For some of you the answer may lie in the ROSE procedure http://www.alsbariatricsurgery.com/new-jersey-rose-restorative-obesity-surgery-endoscopic.html  this is a procedure that my surgeon does to help folks to stop them from regaining weight.  It is a second second chance if you will but make sure this time you get all of the demons out of your attic!  Right now the money keeps me at bay wile the surgery works.  39,000 is a lot to blow on cake if you have spent it on getting thinner.




Greetings, It is Thursday February 19th, and I have a few things to mention.  I invited some folks interested in couples going through this to come see the blog.  To them I hope they become regular readers, and bid them welcome!

I was a bad husband last night.  Ellen warned me not to get ready for bed before she got home last night for fear the might need a ride up the hill, as it had snowed.  So I was really cold, and Zach went to bed and I thought Well, let me get under the covers, and warm up and sure enough I was asleep in no time.  I thought I was watching Psych on TV at the time and staying awake.  Ellen called twice and was stuck at the bottom of the hill for like 6 hours or so (Not sure, may have been 20 minutes) then I woke up and looked for the phone.  It had not awoken me with its ring and I had missed two calls from Ellen.  DAMM!  I did not bother listening to the voice mail, but called her and she was not to happy with me.  I still thought I was watching Psych at the time and had no idea I had been asleep, but now NCIS was on and I was still trying to put together what the NCIS team was doing on Psych, and the whole plot no longer made sense.  (You see I had fallen asleep halfway through Psych and woke up half way through NCIS so in my mind the two shows were one.  Get it?)  Ellen ended up following a snow plow home and got home ok.  She did not seem too mad but I really could not blame her for being so.  I did listen to the voice mails later, and she sounded pretty terse, so I guess she was not happy with me.  This is the first time I have failed to be her hero.  Letting her down is not a good feeling at all.

I weighed in this morning and was 307 BABY! I hope this keeps up, it appears after a stall my weight loss is back in high gear.  It looks like BBQ agrees with me so all is right with the world!  COME ONNNNNNN MEAT FEST!  So I am up and exited about my improving health despite Fred (Boss) telling me the last two days that I am getting fatter, and shorter.  If I am not careful he is going to give me a complex.

In the world of TMI let me share something with you.  Do you have a male spouse that you would love to see get healthier?  Are you considering you both having the procedure but he is dragging his feet?  Please explain this tidbit.  The smaller he gets the larger his (Well you know) gets!  I thought this was a myth until it happened.  A lot of his (Well you know) is buried in layers of excess skin and such and I have easily gained about three inches in length.  So in the vain of pulling the vanity card to get someone to be healthy, pull that one and I will back you up.  After last weekend when I discovered exactly how much I have gained in length, I feel I will be insufferably pleased with myself for at least a month!


1800s hottie


Younger, thinner and shorter?

In the past couple of weeks as I reach out for the 100 pounds lost milestone I am reflecting on some of the comments and observations people have made about my weight loss.  My boss (Fred) has been telling me that I am getting fatter.  Not possible.  I weigh myself a couple of times a week and I am steadily loosing weight.  He might be reflecting on the fact that I am purchasing clothes that fit better, and he is not seeing baggy clothes on me.  But one thing I do know I am not getting any fatter.  I do however feel shorter.  I know that is nuts, but I used to be able to change the light bulbs in our kitchen without a ladder or a chair, but by reaching up.  I can't do that any more.  Fred said the other day "Are you getting shorter?"  witch struck a nerve with me because of the light bulb changing issue.  I don't see how that is possible, but I am getting smaller.  When you are big you carry a big man's stature, now I am no so big, and perhaps I am afraid that when I speak I might not carry the same presence.  That sounds nuts, but it is something to think about.  Last night I was teaching school at MCTCI and the girls in the office were telling me I look like I have taken 10 years off.  That is possible, as my face looks different.  I don't see ten years off, but I am willing to accept it.  After all who doesn't want to be seen as ten years younger?

Speaking of Fred.  He is killing me.  He was in my office the other day, telling me to give it up.  He says he knows me batter than anyone, and soon I will be in a corner somewhere stuffing my face with chips and be back to my normal weight.  Now perhaps that is his warped way of being supportive so I fight back, but I have a fairly fragile sense of self esteem as it is. This is the same guy that used to want me to ride up front with him because in case of an accident he could dive behind me and use me as an airbag.  Keep in mind this is also the guy who forbid me to have the WLS in the first place, until are argued and yelled and put my foot down that this was going to happen.  I do not understand how I stay sane around this guy, but it is what it is I guess.  The other thing is I feel he genuinely cares about my health.  He is putting in a gym here at work, and he wants to cook healthy meals for everyone for lunch.  He just has me so confused all the time.  Look support me or don't, just be consistent.

 Weight and size are not only a state of physics but they are also a state of mind. and we need to overcome that if we are going to remain thin.  In the past I have worked with a lot of non profit charity groups.  No matter what group we are speaking of only 20% of the members are going to be active and participate in the projects of the group. Getting people to join the group is easy.  Keeping them is another matter.  WLS has finally made loosing weight loss easier. (It is still not the easy way out) But the fact remains if you do not poison the process you will loose weight, no matter what.  You actually have to work hard at eating the wrong things to maintain your current weight never mind gain it.  But if you work hard, and show diligence it can be achieved.  The really really really had work is staying thin once you get there. That is a state of mind.  Your body eventually will figure out what you are up to and call this weight loss off.  You body wants to store food for the cold winter months, or until the next hunt.  We as a society have imposed the "Thin" rule.  I have been reading Jane Austin's 1800s work persuasion.  In that book plumpness all the way of to fatness was a sign of success and beauty.  In her time period I would have been a GOD!  but now, not so much.  Our bodies design has not changed, our social attitude has.  We as former fat people need to change into the thin people we want to become.  When you are learning how to drive, they tell you not to look at other things.  "Keep your eyes on the road."  this is important because you will tend to steer towards whatever subject you are looking at.  so look towards that person you want to become.  Before you know it, you will be there.

See you next week,




The Man Vs Food show where was this job audition 6 months ago?


99 Pounds off BABY!!!

Today's blog is brought to you from the oatmeal growers of America.... It is 9:00 am.  Do you know where your cereal is?

 It's Monday February 23rd, 2009. This morning I weighed in at 304.  The next milestone is in sight and I can't wait to close that deal.

I was watching the Travel Channel over the weekend and I saw a show called Man Vs  Food.  It is all about a guy who goes from place to place with food contests to see if he can beat the chalange.  This is the kind of thing where he is sitting down to a 8 pound hamburger, or a 12 pound 30 inch Pizza.  This is what the travel channel has to say about this show:  Every region has its own local culture and flavor. One of the best ways for a traveler to immerse him or herself in new destinations is to taste these unique dishes. This taste exploration allows even the strictest of dieters the freedom to indulge.  In the new series, Travel Channel's Man v. Food, host Adam Richman sets out to travel the country in search of the best places to do some serious indulging. Premiering Wednesday, December 3, at 10 p.m. ET, Adam begins his quest to find the best traditional food the nation can serve up.With a lengthy resume of restaurant experience and a lifelong passion for food, Adam's culinary skills coupled with his seasoned palate provide a gastronomical compass to the best spots to taste America's iconic dishes. This season, Adam explores Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Memphis, TN; Boston, MA; Austin and Amarillo, TX; Pittsburgh, PA; New York, NY; Columbus, OH; and New Orleans, LA, in search of the most mouthwatering meals the cities have to offer.  After hunting down the can't-miss flavors that make up each region's unique culinary history, Adam will take on the city's toughest food challenge. Whether he's devouring the Sasquatch Burger in Memphis, the Atomic Hot Wings platter in Pittsburgh, or a 13-pound pizza in Atlanta, Adam digs in with zeal becoming our ambassador to all things delicious.

This is a compulsive overeater's dream come true.  Where the hell was this job before my surgery? I would have signed up to be the host in a New York Minute!

I am proud to say that I have moved passed stuffing myself like that since the surgery.  I recently had a mini meat fest at the house for friends.  We cooked brisket, pulled pork, chicken, smoked sausage, hand cut pork chops, cornbread, and all the trimmings.  I did not eat much, but I did partake in a couple of bites of this or that during the day.  The net result is I lost 4 pounds over the weekend, from all the running around working on cooking for everyone else.  Cooking is a new addiction instead of eating.  I just need to raise the money to open a BBQ restaurant.  Then I would be off to the races!




Hey You, Shut up!

Well, February is winding down, the days are getting somewhat warmer, and I am still shrinking.  Good morning it is Tuesday February 24th 2009, and today is just another day at work.  I was out to lodge last night for School Of Instruction.  Kevin, who has not seen me since before the surgery can't believe the close to 100 pound weight loss! That felt great.

I  found these kind of blogs really helpful when I was checking out the surgery, but one thing, they would go gangbusters at first then dwindle down and stop.  I think I am beginning to understand why that is.  The monotony of life tugs at me as to what I am going to write.  I am not sure each day what to share and what not. so I do try to share things that have happen in my life other than the day to day weight loss stuff, and not everyone is happy about my choice of life in a fishbowl. Sometimes when I visit kindred and friends, they will censor to some degree what I should and should not include.  I feel there is much more to report that is important to the reader who is considering such a procedure, but that is tempered as to what is included just to keep  my memory fresh and to just keep the blog going.  In the mean time I will live in some sort of censorship as not to embarrass anyone else, but rest assured, if I think it will help my fellow GP folks I will share.



I heard it through the grapevine...

It is Wednesday February 25th 2009 and I am still at 99 pounds. (Well it is almost 100).  I am sitting down with a cup of tea, and talking to someone about their weight loss.  her policy is nothing after 7:30pm and that is a great rule, that I know I should follow.  I got home last night from a dinner meeting where I gave over half my food to the guy sitting next to me, and walked up to the fridge, and looked inside.  Finding nothing that really appealed to me, I went to the closet for crap.  Not finding anything good looking there I grabbed a handful of raisins and ate those.  Why?  I was not hungry, I guess I just needed an oral fixation of some sort. I ended up tossing and turning all night. I wish I had something to go home to and occupy my mind before sleep. I need something and do not even know what I need for, I needed to satisfy something deep within that draws me to do crap like look for food after 7:30.  I was not hungry.  I was not thirsty, I did not need that handful of raisins, so why did I do that?  Some tell me that food is an addiction, and one needs to satisfy an addiction or transfer it somewhere.  The great addictions are oral (Food Alcohol Tobacco Drugs) Monetary (Gambling Shopping) or Physical (sex addict, nymphomaniac)   None of these work for me. (Well, some more than others) but my life really is not there at this point for a transfer, so I need to defeat the demon, and figure out how to keep him down.  If I can't do that I guess it is back to 403 for me soon.  Everyone else does it, why can I.  I do not give up easily, I have been battling this demon since 1977.  It seems like we are on a first name basis and greet each other on the way to the time clock each morning.  "Hi Bob."  "Mornin George!  How is the wife?"  "Fine yours?"  "Good."  "Are you going to eat an entire cow today?  I will encourage that."  "That is what I love about you Bob, your dedication is limitless." Then I go on about my day thinking:  Mmmmmmm a hole cow.....



Me at 302 Baby!

I finally hit the 100 pound mark and broke it with a pound to spare.  Lets look at the equation 403-302=101 in roughly 16 weeks and to the left is how I look as of last night when I went to lodge.  Hey BTW I have a Facebook page, a My space page and a linked in page.  Feel free to browse on the pages and take a look into more of me.

For those who read the blog that are on Facebook Welcome!  it is nice to get to know all of these folks from my past.  It is good to reconnect, it helps you base where you are and what you are doing  I am reconnecting no with people who I had no idea cared weather I lived or died and surprise! they seem to care.

Anyway I was getting a lot of requests for a current picture so I snapped two.  Let me know what you think!



Mail Call !!!


Mail Call.....

I have been getting a lot of email here lately and although I do not want you to stop writing I am getting really depressed by it.  I think because some of it pertains to my life at work and home, and the idea that you all want direct answers instead of me putting it into the blog.  Well I can't.  The site is up to about 300 hits per day from people who need the information.  It is currently 9:51 AM as I write this and in the last hour alone we have had 120 hits, looking for this mornings blog.  The other side of this is I would spent all day answering the emails I get from all of you individually.  I know this is embarrassing to some of you, and you need th e answers, but we are just going to have to deal with responses in this forum. If  you don't want the answers printed, that is fine, I just won't answer the question.

1. Hair loss.  Around the third of fourth month you begin to experience hair loss.  The amount you loose varies on many factors.  You can try what you want but for the most part it is going to happen, like it or not.  Deal with it.  You are not going to be bald, you hair will just thin out, and seriously who wants fat hair?  It will start to grow again in about three months later.

2.Sex drive.  I cant tell you exactly when her / your sex drive will come back, but as I understand it about six months into it it will begin to return  If you think just because your body is slimming down and you now look hot, if you think your sex drive will be greater than it was before, then perhaps you need to look into some therapy, either mental or chemical to help.  I guess what I am saying is perhaps your lack of self image, may have not been your problem in the first place.  Perhaps some trauma befell you, in the past that you have almost blocked out, or you are low on hormones, or something a shrink, or some other doctor can help you with.  As to the guy who wrote about getting all of the offers now that he has slimed down and, his wife still doesn't match his sex drive, I am sorry she stood by you for 20 years while you were fat.  Now is not the time to stab her in the back by having an affair.  If you don't match and this is that big a deal, do the right thing.  Talk to her about it, and if you can't work it out get a divorce before you go girl shopping to find someone who matches your drive.  don't do anything behind her back, it just is not right.  But before you do that you need to look deep inside and wonder about sex.  Is that what is your center, and is that what you are all about?  Perhaps you just need to swallow it, find ways to take care of yourself and find another center.  I know (Believe me I know) that it is hard for you, and I even get your rational thinking here, tell me if I am close:

A. If she has an interest in something say.... Salt and pepper shaker collecting.  You on the other hand, could care less about salt and pepper shakers.  Being a nice guy it becomes important to you, because it is important to her.  You go to all of the shows and actively discuss salt and pepper collecting with her whenever it comes up.  Now, sex three times a week is important to you, but not her, so why can't she do the same? 

Keep in mind she is not taking you to salt and pepper shaker shows three times a week here.  If she did you would most likely make excuses and find any way out of going to a lot of those shows. in this rational thought are you really different?

B. If she really is not interested in sex, she should not have a problem with me (you) getting it elsewhere. (Taken right from your email)

Yeah, not so much.... Remember the vows?  The ones you took before God?  Faithfulness?  Any of this ring a bell?  It just doesn't work that way. Besides love and logic are two different words that have two different meanings for a reason. This is your marriage, not a big mac and fries.  If you are going to do this, do it right.  Talk it out, if you two can't settle your differences, and you can't just lump it, then do what you have to, but don't be a scumbag about it.  Do it right.  Separate, and deal with the legal fallout, My friend Brett the divorce lawyer needs more money anyway.

I guess my advice is is just deal with it.  If it makes you sad I am sorry, but love is more than sex, even though life would be awsome with sex three times a week, it just is not her job to do that for you.  Deal with it.  My wife allways says the Devil you know is better than the devil you don't.  You could spend all your life regretting this decision, instead of perhaps spending a thought occasionally, that you might regret it.

Ok, we are done in that department.

3. Weight loss before surgery.

This has morr to do with the size of your liver than anything else.  If your liver is too big, (Coated in fat) and you are working on obesity related cirrhosis of the liver,  You will need to shrink it before the doctor can do the surgery.  this is because it is in the way of the Doctor getting to where he need to to do it.  It is not a test, it is not a cruel joke, it is not to discourage you from having the surgery, it is just to give you the best possible chance of surviving the operation, and to make it is easy as possible to do it. Done.  That is it.  Go on the diet, loose the weight, get the surgery and move on.  I know it is hard, if loosing weight was easy none of us would be in this mess in the first place.

Ok that is enough for now I need to get back to work. See you all next month!





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