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February 2010



Vroom Vroom!!!  

It is Saturday February 6th and Jeff, Zach, Grant and I are on a road trip to purchase me a motorcycle.  It is an 81 Honda cm400A. I figured that I wanted to do a bunch of stuff that I could not do when I was so heavy, and riding a motorcycle was one of those things.  I went to the bike show in January with Jeff, and found a real neat Honda DN-1, automatic motorcycle for the low low price of 16,000 bucks.  See one of the things that lead to my excessive weight gain is the breaking of my hip. Since I can't shift gears, with my left leg, I need an automatic.  Anyway, I don't care how good a salesman Danny was, I was no way paying that and staying married! So I went off and found an automatic on Craig's List.  Here is my 1981 Honda 42,000 miles in the picture I purchased it from.  She wouldn't start when I got there, but Jeff and I had her running in no time.  Here is my next 2 issues.  I can't get my left leg on the foot peg.  No huge deal there, but I want to take my test with my foot on the foot peg.  I have to admit this is a really neat legal excuse.  I really am scared of the 400cc engine since I have not ridden anything more than a mini bike 28 some years ago.  It just was a little intimidating, when I got it home, and fired it up and sat on the saddle.  I felt I needed to cut my teeth on something a little smaller.  So I think I am looking for a Scooter. (At least for now) 

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